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Aalborg Familie Camping - Strandparken
Skydebanevej 20
9000 Aalborg
Phone +4598127629
Fax 98127673
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Open: 02.01. - 15.12.
LON 9° 55‘ 57.3600'
LAT 57° 3‘ 19.1160'
The campsite is open during the Winter
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LON 9° 55‘ 57,3600'
LAT 57° 3‘ 19,1160'


Springeren Springeren

Go on board of a real submarine or one of the worlds (once) fastest torpedo boats, here is much to see, both for grownups and children.
Aalborg Tower

Take a trip up in Aalborg Tower, the elevator takes you 106 meters op over the ocean to a fantastic view.
Casino Aalborg gb

In the heart of Aalborg you’ll find Aalborg Casino, right next to the famous Jomfru Ane Gade.

Aalborg has one of the newest at best movie theaters in Denmark, with many movies showing each night.
Jomfru Ane Gade

Jomfru Ane Gade, ”Gaden” (The street), are always well visited, so take a stroll down the street or visit the night life
Lindholm Høje gb

Take a trip to Nørresundby, to Lindholm Høje and experience our Viking era.

Aalborg Minigolf is a curse with 18 holes for all level of minigolf players, everything from beginners and to skilled players.
Nordkraft gb

Nordkraft is a cultural house build in Aalborg’s old power plant by the ocean.
Utzon Center gb

Utzon Center is drown by Jørn Utzon and the son Kim Utzon, and opened in may 2008.
Visit Aalborg

Do you want to know more about what’s going on in Aalborg, then take a look at Visit Aalborg’s event kalender.
Aalborg Travbane

Aalborg trotting field are placed on the same road, only 500 meters away, if you’d like to play on horses.
Forsvars & Garnisons museet

Right next door are Forsvars & Garnisons Museet where you can see and crawl on tanks, airplanes and much more. Come and explore yourself.
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